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6ix9ine Smashes Instagram Live Record

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

6ix9ine took to his Instagram today in his first public appearance since getting out of prison to declare, “I’m a rat doing more numbers than you, I would be mad too;” as he breaks the Instagram Live record for most viewers almost immediately. 6ix9ine smashed the previous Instagram Live record with his viewership hovering around two million.

The self-proclaimed “King of New York” and snitch debuted his music video for “Gooba,” his first song since being released from prison. At one point, there was so much traffic the site crashed. The colorful video shows the rapper dancing around with his ankle bracelet clearly visible and shows 6ix9ine turning into a rat.

6ix9ine was released early from prison due to the spread of the coronavirus. His original release date was scheduled for sometime in August of this year. 6ix9ine was sentenced to two years in December of 2019 for crimes he committed while he was a Nine Trey Blood gang member.

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