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Austin Fillmore Confronts Heartbreak On “U Lie I Cry”

This article was originally published on DaCultureReport

Austin Fillmore

Chicago rapper Austin Fillmore poured his heartbreak into his new song, "U Lie I Cry." Fillmore teamed up with producer Remy Prosper to create an uplifting breakup anthem, and you can feel his pain and frustration.

We all deal with heartbreak our own way. Fillmore prefers to cope with his emotions by freestyling his feelings into his music. He successfully does so over Prosper's heavy-hitting 808s.

"The only way I knew how to deal with the pain of this break up was to write about it…but when I sat to actually write the song, I couldn't do it for some reason," Fillmore said. "So I poured me a glass of tequila and told my engineer press record, and I'm just gonna freestyle this."

The rapper created the #ThinkLessFeelMore movement to urge his fans to acknowledge their emotions and feel secure in everything they might be feeling. "U Lie I Cry" complements his campaign and sees him give in to his emotional pain in the song.

The accompanying video was shot inside a Chicago home and captured the story of a relationship that goes south. The video showcases the red flags in the relationship, beginning when the girlfriend notices another woman calling his phone. After the opening scene, the video moves into reverse, detailing the many arguments that ultimately lead to the relationship's demise. Fillmore does an excellent job presenting relatable relationship struggles to his listeners.

"We all lie, we all cry...this song is about us," he says, making it a song for everyone that experienced heartache.

Fillmore has been featured in A Taste Of, Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator, and on Chicago's Kiss FM. He has touched some of the biggest stages in the Midwest, including the North Coast Music Festival. He's even performed on Chicago's number one morning show, The Jam.

We are looking forward to seeing what Austin Fillmore does next!

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