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Azizi Gibson Guides the Soul with New Album "Reaping the Benefits"

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

With the release of Reaping the Benefits, his seventh LP, Azizi Gibson stays true to his unique method of delivering brutally honest lyrics; in a way, he would describe "makes you feel ratchet wit' ya pinky up". Abstract beats, and melodies sung in his deep smooth voice, guide the soul through feelings of loneliness, celebration & lost love. Azizi doesn't show up alone, the 10 track album features Tate Kobang, Akeem Mimiko, ferg. JP, AKTHESAVIOR, and Kamandi.

My favorite track "Year of the Dog" is produced by Millz Douglas. The way Azizi floats over piano keys, made me feel like a sophisticated savage. Holy Beats produced up-tempo tracks "Overtime" "Superman" and a majority of the album. Low key soul ballads, "Kamikaze" & "Sailor's End" are produced by YG Beats and Danny Score. The production combined with the subject matter gave me apocalyptic vibes that support Gibson's recurring Grim Reaper [Death to Bullshit] theme. Overall, Azizi Gibson's Reaping the Benefits was a good listen, I recommend.

Stream "Reaping the Benefits" Apple music Spotify

Watch the music video for "Change That Back" (feat. AKTHESAVIOR).

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