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Bae B. Drops Debut Single 'Bein' Humble' Featuring Jefe Wit The Shot

Poughkeepsie's princess Bae B. is being introduced to the world by way of her new track "Bein' Humble." Right off the bat, she's letting everyone know that she's not living in anyone's shadow.

"Bein' humble ain't gettin' me rich," she raps over the hard-hitting beat. Her debut single is quite direct: get to the bag by any means necessary.

"I am tired of being humble," says Bae B. "Thinking that being nice and doing it the 'right' way is going to make you wealthy. It's not."

The track features Final Score Entertainment labelmate Jefe Wit The Shot and is produced by in-house producer Half. Bae B. initially chose a beat from YouTube and wasn't sure how it would sound once Half made a new instrumental. True to form, he did such a good job that not only was she impressed, but she also fell in love with the song all over again.

According to the rapper, she wants to let her cocky side fly. But she knows that she has to show and prove, letting her work ethic speak for itself.

Next, you can catch Bae B.'s joint project with labelmate D. Weathers, titled Beauty and the Freak, droppin' sometime this spring. She plans on dropping a project of her own this summer, so be on the lookout.

In the future, Bae B. has big plans to expand beyond music. She hopes to explore the world of fashion and maybe even try her hand at acting.

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