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Beanz Get's It 'Crackin' In New Single


Rising Pennsylvania rapper Beanz is back with her new single "Crackin'." Beanz effortlessly laces the JetsonMade beat with an attitude about relationships and how she won't be used or use her body to get ahead. "Half of you b*tches is dyin' out/Beggin for n****s to fly you out/Makin your money by lyin down/F*ck is you sitting here lyin' bout?" she spits. As the song continues, the rising star assures her listeners that she is destined for greatness.

The former Rhythm & Flow contestant was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and started writing poetry to escape her household struggles at the age of 12. As she got older, the poetry turned into rap songs, and Beanz gained a reputation as the best rapper in her city. She brought her talents to Netflix's Rhythm & Flow, quickly becoming a fan favorite.

After dropping a series of successful singles, including "Can't Call It," the artist is set to drop a lot of new music, including a project this spring.

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