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Ceaser Emanuel Talks About Getting 'Black Ink Crew' Off The Ground With Spyder On Ink & Out Podcast

You might have gotten to know Spyder as one of the tattoo artists of VH1's television show Black Ink Crew. Now, he's getting ready to launch an all-new podcast titled Ink & Out. Spyder is tattooing some of his favorite people while asking the guests about their life stories.

One of Spyder's first guests includes his fellow Black Ink Crew cast member, Ceaser Emanuel. Ceaser came through to Black Ink Brooklyn, where he discussed being on television, European adventures, and much more, all while under the needle.

In a clip from the unreleased interview, Ceaser reveals he almost lost the tattoo shop just as they began talks with VH1 to launch Black Ink Crew. There was no way Ceaser was going to let that happen, and he hustled hard and fast to make sure he had the money needed to keep the shop's doors open and get the show off the ground.

How was Ceaser able to pull it off? He tattooed everyone in the projects until he had enough money. It was hard work, and the conditions could have been better.

"They didn't understand what I had to go through to get f*cking Black Ink," he said. "The n*gga sat in the f*ckin' projects and tatted the whole projects and only got $20,000. Do you know how many tattoos I did, bro? And you know n*ggas ain't paying no $200 for tattoos. The conditions, everything."

Ceaser added, "You thought this was just glamor and shine from the beginning?"

Even though the situation was stressful, Ceaser was able to keep the shop and land the show, but he turned it into a tattoo empire. He has since opened several other shops throughout the country.

In addition to Ceaser, guests this season include the likes of Math Hoffa and Young Joc. Keep an eye out for the series. It's definitely not something you want to take advantage of!

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