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Fire Friday

We're bringing you Fire Friday to let you know what new music we're listening to over here at In the Field Radio. Peep our top three picks for the week below.


Lady D's Fire Pick

Cans- Perfect

What she likes about the track:

It's a different type of flow for Cans and he bodied it.

Favorite line:

"I be walking around tell people 'when I drop that P on the scale it better be perfect' and they have no clue what I'm talking about."


Erin Boogie's Fire Pick

Jay Watts- Platinum

What she likes about the track:

It's been stuck in my head since we interviewed Jay Watts! It's a very catchy song.

Favorite line:

"That cadence we got it, Our vibes are melodic, Your bass is the loudest, Can't turn down our volume"


TytanMusic's Fire Pick

Mac Bando- B4ND0

What he likes about the track:

The track is melodic and blends different styles of music: hard-hitting 808's, country and island sounds that blend really well with trap.

Favorite line:

"When you get too much they start to notice, They start to notice, I like to be cool I keep my composure, I feel like a composer"

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