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Fire Friday


Lady D's Fire Pick

Muga Bagz- Sun Out

What she loves about the track:

I love the beat and the video; it’s giving summer vibes. What’s not to love about ridin' in a purple Lambo strumming your weapon on a sunny day?


Erin Boogie's Fire Pick

Meaty Bone and friends- North Miller Massacre

What she loves about the track:

I love that the younger artists hopped on a track with the OG's. It's the perfect marriage of the new school and those that came before them.


TytanMusic's Fire Pick

Brandy- Say Something

What he loves about the track:

The production is 🔥🔥. It’s hip hop and R&B. The way she flows on this one, it’s melodic and the sample and instrumentation is dope too.

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