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Fire Women Friday's: Introducing Bae B.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

As a female-fronted radio show, the one thing we want to do is to be able to champion other women. Especially when it comes to Hudson Valley-based artists. And even more so during Women’s History Month.

We are excited to introduce you to the latest baddie in town, Poughkeepsie-based Bae B. She comes from humble beginnings as the daughter of Jamaican immigrants and began writing music at an early age. She wrote her first song in third grade and had the opportunity to perform in her third-grade talent show.

Now she’s ready to take the world by storm as part of the Hudson Valley’s premier Indie label, Final Score Entertainment. She wants to show her fans that you should always follow your dreams no matter the circumstances you find yourself in. The diverse rapper and singer draws heavily from her inspirations in Nicki Minaj, Lady Saw, and Lauryn Hill. The duality between the sexiness and innocence she exudes is evident in her music. Bae B. represents balance.

You can catch Bae B.’s joint project with labelmate D. Weather’s, titled Beauty and the Freak, droppin’ sometime this spring. She plans on dropping a project of her own this summer. In the future, Bae B. intends to expand beyond music. She hopes to explore the world of fashion and maybe even try her hand at acting.


For those who may not be familiar, who is Bae B.?

Bae B. is diverse, just learning to be — just finding out who I am. I have many different faces. There’s many different characters of Bae B., so I just feel like you never know.

So you’re a rapper and a singer?

I wouldn’t say I’m a singer, but I like to sing. (Melodic singing rapper)

Where are you from?

I’m from Poughkeepsie. Born and raised in Poughkeepsie. I’m the first generation here in New York. My parents are both from Jamaica.

What was a young Bae B. like growing up?

I was very quiet, very shy, and just very, very observant of everything. I’ve always loved music and have been writing since I was a little girl.

When did you get into music?

In third grade, I wrote my first song, and I went to the talent show, and that’s when I thought I could sing like Rihanna or Hannah Montana. I swore I sounded just like them.

What was the crowd reaction like?

Very quiet. I actually — that’s when I got my stage fright; at that age. I did my talent show, and my cousin and his friend were behind me, and they were laughing at me. And I just ran off stage. I was so embarrassed; I don’t know why. I could’ve sworn they were laughing at me.

How did you overcome stage fright?

Putting on an act honestly, not letting anybody see my weak side. I just come off very cocky and aggressive and confident just so nobody else can see that part of me.

Are we going to see any acting from you?

I would love to act, yes.

Bae B.

How long have you been making music?

Since 2010.

When did you start taking music seriously?

I would say I just started taking it seriously like two years ago. That’s when I knew that I really wanted to do this. I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else. I went to school for nursing. I went to school for a lot of different things, and I just didn’t feel how I felt when I was in the studio.

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard music before?

Authentic. I don’t sound like anybody else. I can’t even compare myself to anybody else. I would say sexy, a lot of magnetism in my music, and just genuine.

How would you describe your style?

I would love to get into the fashion world, whether it’s tomboy, couture, sexy, lingerie.

What do you want fans to get from your story?

I want them to get that I come from a very, very poor family, and I’m just trying to make it out of here so I can support them and put them in a better position. Get them out this damn generational curse. And just for them to see that it’s ok to chase your dreams. I want them to see it doesn’t matter what age you are, where you are in life, just because you have a kid or it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

How do you juggle motherhood and being an artist?

I have a lot of help from my family. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be able to do it.


Nicki Minaj inspires a lot of me. I’ve been listening to her since her first mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty. And ever since then, that’s when I knew. She was the first person that came out, and there wasn’t a lot of female rapper at that time, but she had just came out, and her style was different from the rest of the rappers. So that really inspired me. And she don’t have to just be a certain way. You don’t have to be too tough and gangster or too sexy. You can be whatever the fuck you want to be, whether it’s singing, rapping, dressing all kinds of weird shit she was doing at that time. She definitely inspired me. I would say Lady Saw inspired me too. That’s a Jamaican dancehall artist. Lauryn Hill. Those are my three major ladies.

How and when did you link with Final Score Entertainment?

I had went to go do a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for Weathers, right, and then I’m getting ready to pack it up and go. Next thing you know, all of them was there. I was like, “what’s going on?” They basically was letting me know that they want me to be part of the group and just letting me know how much support they could offer me. And I really did need a team because it’s impossible to do it myself. And I learned so much already, it’s only been like a couple of weeks, and I’ve learned so much.

Talk about the upcoming album with D. Weathers?

Oh, it’s different. He got me doing something different. It’s a lot of love songs on there, a lot of sexy. I feel like some of the songs are a little touchy and raw. You got to dig down in a part of yourself where you was hurt in a past relationship or just get back into the feelings that you were feeling at that time to write.

So the songs are drawn from real-life inspirations?

Yeah, definitely.

Any other features?

I think it’s going to be just us so far.

Do you have any other projects in the works?

I’m personally working on an EP. I’m going to put about five to six songs on it. And I have to say every song is different from the rest.

When is that dropping?

Hopefully, this summer.

What are your goals this year?

My goal is to really just lock in, stay away from relationships, stay away from love — because that just be effin’ me up. When I’m in relationships, I’m like just so passionate. When you get in an argument, it just fills up your head, and you can’t focus. I’m just really locked in this year. Trying to work very fuckin’ hard.

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