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Fire Women Friday's With Kali Princess

Sometimes, you have to get your feelings hurt and just put them on paper to discover your talents. That's exactly what California native and female rapper Kali Princess did. "If somebody disrespects you, somebody hurts your feelings, stand up for yourself," she stated. Originally from Long Beach, California, she is no stranger to West Coast and G-funk sound. Legendary rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg, as well as many other artists hail from this city. Although there are many great artists from the west coast, there aren't many women. " I feel like we don't have anybody to represent us," she explained. One thing she is certain about… she doesn't want to be compared. "If that's your lane, do that! But that's not my lane."

Although west coast sound and music have been an influence on her music, she does a bit more tweaking. "How can I take our sound and make it like a universal sound like this sh*t hot." Her mission is to make sure that her music isn't stereotypical "west coast" sound. "This is from the west?! Dang, I couldn't even tell," as she explains how she would want her audience to feel as they hear her music. "The world hasn't heard from the West Coast," she expressed. Although she always had an interest in rapping, it took a heartbreak for her to charge it to the game. "If it wasn't for that heartbreak, I wouldn't be the artist and the person that I am today," she pressed while detailing her newfound rap career.

Kali Princess

For her to cope with the heartbreak, Kali decided to write a song called "F*cked Up," which officially was a deciding factor for her to get into the rap industry. "I sent him the song before I put it on SoundCloud; he heard it and respected it." The song that ended up being her coping mechanism became a fan favorite. With her music evolving, Kali is focusing on improving herself as an artist with each chance she gets. " I don't mind doing the work right now to get it right." She recently dropped a demo tape called Ruthless, which features her latest single, "Shego." It is available on SoundCloud. Even though her music has given her self-development, she isn't afraid to reflect on her younger self. " Life is not what I thought, and if I could talk to fifteen-year-old me, I would tell her to enjoy being a kid."

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