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Fivio Foreign Teams Up With Rvssian On '1 On 3'

Fivio Foreign has had a monster of a year between dropping his debut album B.I.B.L.E. and collaborating with everyone from Kanye West to Alicia Keys. The self-proclaimed King of New York is showing no signs of slowing down, dropping a new single on Friday.

The “Off The Grid” rapper and Jamaican record producer Rvssian teamed up on “1 On 3,” a super fun song. The Brooklyn Drill rapper flows effortlessly over the beat, which perfectly complements his style.

"We can do it one on one, we can do it one on three,” Fivio Foreign raps before diving into more detail about jumping the opps. Despite the violent subject matter, you can’t help but get hype.

In addition to releasing the song on all streaming platforms, Fivio Foreign released an official music video to accompany the single.

Before the track’s release, Fivio Foreign posted a clip in the studio with Eli Manning, which left everyone questioning what that was about. Well, it turns out that Manning and his former center, Shaun O’Hara, were hard at work on the remix to “1 On 3.”

Check out their version below for a good laugh.

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