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J. Lo Pays The Price After Attempting To Start ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ Challenge

J. Lo was looking to get in on some of the Tik Tok action, especially while everyone was still in a nostalgic mood following the Ashanti vs. Keisha Cole VERZUZ battle. Pretty ironic since one of J. Lo's biggest hits "I'm Real" was the center of some controversy. Ashanti’s demo vocals were kept for the final version, including taking over the chorus and recording ad libs for the track. Ashanti received credit for her “background vocals”, but not as a co-writer. Lopez also faced backlash for a line in the song that involved her using the n-word. The Bronx born pop sensation took to Twitter yesterday to say this:

The video is a clip of the last 20 seconds of the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing“ Music video where J. Lo can be seen on a beach seductively walking towards the camera, removing expensive jewelry and clothing, and throwing them away to the sand. By the look of the responses, it doesn’t seem like the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing“ challenge will be the next big TikTok dance craze anytime soon.

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