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Jefe Wit The Shot 'Lemme Talk My Shhh' Album | "Double Tap" Single Out Now

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Jefe Wit The Shot- Lemme Talk My Shhh

New York-bred and Texas-based artist Jefe Wit The Shot is starting the new year with his new album Lemme Talk My Shhh and serving up a sexy single to coincide with the project's release. The Bae B assisted record provides a fun introduction to a diverse body of work.  

The Half and LTP-produced “Double Tap” provides the perfect backdrop for Jefe’s gritty vocals which are perfectly complimented by Bae B’s sexy verse. The track is instantly catchy and will surely put the listener in turn-up mode. It’s the perfect song for riding around with your windows down in the summer or for vibin’ in the club. Just be mindful of who you are bumpin' it around as the raunchy lyrics are most definitely NSFW.

Lemme Talk My Shhh is a diverse body of work showcasing different hip hop styles. You will find everything from New York Drill to that Raw Trap sound, with Jefe’s signature Jamaican influence evident throughout. Aside from Bae B, the project also sees a feature from Bad Bunxx. Other than those two features, Jefe goes it alone, showing he does not need to rely on help from friends to get the job done.

Who is Jefe Wit The Shot? He got his nickname from his Final Score Entertainment labelmate, Half, but the name is multi-layered, just like the artist. Not only is Jefe a boss, but he's also a talented spitter and skilled videographer. 

Born in Saint Mary, Jamaica, Jefe came to the United States when he was 13 years old. Growing up in Jamaica, he was primarily exposed to dancehall, and his music reflects that influence. He was first introduced to hip hop while still living in Jamaica while riding transportation to school, but the first artist he really got into on his own was 50 Cent. He also draws inspiration from Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Popcaan, and Vybez Kartel. You can hear his influences throughout his sound.

Stream “Double Tap” here: 

Stream Lemme Talk My Shhh here: Lemme Talk My Shhh

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