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Joey Trap Drops The Official Visual To 'Spicy'

Joey Trap
Video Still

Fast-rising hip hop talent Joey Trap premiered the official video for his track "Spicy," which dropped on January 12.

The video was shot inside a diner and saw Joey flanked by two girls on either side while chowing down on a sizeable portion of chicken wings. The colorful, sexy video is a perfect match for his confident vocals and the song's trap-infused beat.

It follows the visual for 'DIE4ME'; both tracks are on Joey's most recent album, the ambitious, 25-track Playlist For The End Of The World (Deluxe).

"For 'SPICY,' I was trying to go for the vibe of my 'Tables' saga, which is a popular song by me and I also directed/edited that first 'Tables' music video," Joey explains. "It was in a cafeteria with two girls on each side of me feeding me steak. This time the 'Spicy' video starts with me at a diner booth, and I'm getting fed hot wings by two girls."

"I really wanted it to feel similar because of the beats 'SPICY' and 'Tables' have the same rhythm and similar melodies," Joey adds. 'SPICY' is the mature, "R Rated" version, showing Joey's development in both his video directing skills as well as lyrical ability. "We older now. Bigger things to come," he says.

Joey Trap has drawn comparisons to artists such as Tyler, The Creator, XXXtentacion, and Travis Scott with his unique flow. He dropped an impressive four albums in 2020. After amassing hundreds of millions of streams, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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