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Juelz Santana Announces The Launch Of I Can't Feel My Face Label

Juelz Santana

You've probably seen Juelz Santana walking around with a zombie baby rocking his signature bandana recently, and now we know the reason behind it. Santana announced the launch of his independent label, I Can't Feel My Face, for which the baby serves as the logo.

"What started out as a mixtape title with Lil Wayne turned into something much more," the rapper said in a press release.

The label's current roster includes artists from the tri-state area, including Santana's nephew Young Ja, Ski, and Caesar. In addition to the label, I Can't Feel My Face will operate as a media hub with both weed and clothing products.

I Can't Feel My Face will serve as a sponsor for the Diplomats & Friends Burning Gas Tour. The tour kicks off Saturday in New York City. The tour will hit major cities like Miami, Austin, and Atlanta and end in Los Angeles on August 20.

As for the 2007 mixtape with Lil Wayne? Santana tells TMZ that he's still hopeful the ICFMF tape could materialize. Although it's not a priority for either rapper, the two remain close.

"We are never not working on music outside of each other, as well as together, so for us to do a I Can't Feel My Face project is definitely not unlikely to happen."

Fingers crossed!

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