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Lil Durk Celebrates Digitial Sneaker Release With NASDAQ Billboard

Lil Durk
Lil Durk celebrating the launch of his digital sneaker collection for the metaverse

Lil Durk is a chart-topping rapper who is looking to add "voice of the metaverse" to his repertoire. On Tuesday night, he made an appearance at New York's NASDAQ to celebrate the release of his digital sneaker collection for the metaverse.

Durkio co-founded NXTG3NZ digital wearables with Satoshi Designs and Nexus. The brand aims to transform footwear in the metaverse.

The initial launch of the 7220 sneaker collection will be limited to 10,000 tokens and can be used on Avatars across the digital realm. The lucky owners of the 7220 NXTG3NZ NFT will get exclusive member benefits. They will also have a shot at winning a physical pair of the kicks.

"The power has shifted to the artists and their fans with Blockchain tech. I want to not only be a successful rapper/entrepreneur but a powerhouse voice in the metaverse and NFT community, at the forefront of this movement," Lil Durk said in a statement.

NXTG3NZ is designed by the legendary founder and creator of Enspire streetwear brand Devonte' Black' Young. In addition to owning his own brand, Young collaborated with Nike as the lead designer on three pairs of sneakers for NBA star Kevin Durant. He will personally hand-design six pairs of sneakers alongside industry-renowned 3D artists.

Durk's billboard comes on the heels of his 7220 album release, which made its debut on Friday. While in town, the Chicago rapper made a stop at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he performed "Too Petty" alongside Future. Durk closed out his set with a performance of "AHHH HA."

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