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Mae Krell: Beautiful Indie Voice Strong Enough To Tackle Demons.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The Non-Binary soul survivor from New York, Mae Krell’s new single Home, is now available, with music video, for your listening & viewing pleasure. Even through social distancing, Krell’s uncanny vocals and lyrics will bring you comfort. The 21-year-old Indie folk artist uses both electric and acoustic means to nurture vulnerability & grow beautiful melodies like Garden. The latest EP, Anabasis, features fan favorites, Monster & Letters To The Hospital. Mae Krell’s dreamlike voice speaks raw honesty, providing the listener with an opportunity to relate and find strength during their darkest times. Mae Krell confronts difficult topics like sexual assault and recovery head-on and will not be underestimated due to young age. Even so, Krell states, “I don’t want to be portrayed as too put together. I’m still working on myself. I’m constantly changing and growing and falling apart and coming back together.” Just like many of us.

Watch Video For Home

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