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Mask Up Halloween Party-Apex Performance Studios

It's been a long time since I was able to get my live music fix. I was too excited when I got the flier about Apex Performance Studios having a show. I pre-gamed with thee DJ Curt Krez, Henny & cranberry in hand from the Cash bar.

D. Johns & Cans kicked the whole thang off with one of my favorites, "Never Grow Up."

Bmob talks about linking up with two of his idols & shows us how he gave it up in the quarter to nine cypher, with an explosive performance of "The Format". I was hypnotized when the heartbreaker slowed it down with tracks for the ladies.

The host that flows the most! Jhe Kos, from Verse On The First, kept us riding a high energy wave all night and threw some dope individually-wrapped skull bracelets into the crowd. (Yes, I have one)

L.C. performed "Y.O." especially for us, but y'all can hear it when it comes out next Friday, 11/6.

Faime Gretzky was new to me, and I was blown away. The multi-genre artist is quite the lyricist in both rap and R&B; absolutely killed his set.

Kicks Kapri had the crowd yelling, "I take Care Of Mine If There Ain't Nothin Left," & it's been stuck in my head all day while I'm recovering.

Check out all the performers on Instagram & stay tuned for next month's line up!! Who do you wanna see at Apex? Leave a comment!

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