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Master P Enters The Chat on Luxury Cars

Percy "Master P" Miller has gone into partnership with none other than, the first black man to own an exotic car manufacturer in the United States, Richard Patterson. It's no surprise that Mr. Patterson is one of four automotive engineers in the world that can build a car from schematics to finished production. He started his journey in the automotive industry at the age of 15, working at GM in Detroit Michigan. From there, his career led him to being the advanced vehicle engineer for the Tesla Model S, designing the landing gear for the Boeing 777 and designing the folding seats system in the Dodge minivan. Now Richard Patterson is the founder and CEO of Trion Supercars Group based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Master P introduced he and Trion's 2000 horsepower "Nemesis" vehicle on an episode of his show Master P Reviews, and had this to say about its production:

"I just want to let black people and minorities across the world know how big this is… to have a brother like you to be a part of technology, creating stuff that can change the world!”

It's always been Master P's style to support the creation of black owned products. Just last year after a number of brands touting Black marketing iconography, such as Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s, were exposed as white-owned, Master P created food products for Black people by Black people. The well-respected entrepreneur launched his “Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned” food line, including products like rice, beans, grits, pancake mix, syrup, and oatmeal. With every purchase, a donation is made to charities assisting both the youth and the elderly in Black communities.

In a press release for Trion Supercars Group, it is said that the Nemesis is an innovative experience, with aero dynamic features that far exceeds the engineering of any Tesla model and is capable of giving Lamborghini and Ferrari a run for their money. Richard Patterson had this to say about the supercar, "This car is the Nemesis, an enemy to anything out there!". Trion Supercars Group is now accepting preorders for the Nemesis 2021; however it is exclusive to only 100 qualified buyers that will have the ability to review phases of their customized supercar being built through an app. Among the Nemesis 2021, Trion Supercars Group will also feature an electric SUV that is scheduled for release in late 2021.

For more information on Trion Supercars Group or preordering the Nemesis 2021, log on to

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