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Method Man Drops Visual To 'The Last 2 Minutes'

Method Mad dropped a video to "The Last 2 Minutes" while simultaneously teasing the upcoming Meth Lab 3: The Rehab project.

The track was initially released in November. It features battle rapper Iron Mic and is a follow-up to "2 Minutes of Your Time" of his Meth Lab 1 and "Another 2 Minutes" from the Meth Lab 2: The Lithium project. It is filled with Meth's signature bars and wordplay.

The video is dark but features some dope editing and an interesting storyline.

"The song wasn't our first pick. We were going with another song off the album, and we had a 'COVID situation,' and we had to come up with a treatment in like two days for the record," Method Man told Complex. "However, the song 'The Last 2 Minutes' is a continuation of 'Another 2 Minutes,' off of the Meth Lab 2 album and '2 Minutes of Your Time,' off of the Meth Lab 1. We just had fun with this one and made the best of our situation at the time."

Check out the video to "The Last 2 Minutes" and let us know what you think in the comments.

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