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Rawrrzone Picks - Flow Fettuccini - Rappers Life

The Watch Out Emcee strikes again, with no punches Fettuccini releases Rappers Life . The single which dropped on Valentines Day tells us a story about a grateful Fettuccini how he never suspected to live the life he lives, a rappers life, no matter what he endured he continued to strive through the hardships sending another warning shot to those who think they can outrap his bars. With a cadence similar to Fat Joe's Fettuccini was able to flow through the beat, the production of the beat gives us a bop as it gives us a 90 boombap flow with a little of a video game twist.

The cover art gives us a visual representation of his reflection of his progress as the one kick is a representation of him looking away from his past to build a better future.

Follow him on Instagram : @flow_fettuccini_26

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