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Rawrrzone Picks - Golddy Traicionera

Who remembers reggaeton and their heart break songs? From Ella Y Yo from Don Omar and Aventura to Rakim Y Ken Y the genre has continued to put out the bangers while expressing a strong sense of emotion. In 2023 Golddy continues the old school reggeton and musical storytelling in his latest single Tracionera . Tracionera the Spanish version of the word treacherous the single is a testimony of love lost when things go wrong with a lover.

His sensual cadence and voice is reminiscent of Rakim Y Ken Y and Wisin Y Yandel alluring the audience to feel the pain he feels as he describes not being able to live without her, and the heartbreak in his voice. You fall in love as you reminince the trecherous memories you have with your own partner the good and the bad.

With all genre's of music merging with Spanish Music and the Spanish genre its refreshing to see artists tapping in to their traditional roots.

Follow him on Instagram @golddyrts

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