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Rawrrzone Picks - Love Me Betta The Producer

Betta the Producer is at it again, following the success of his years in the music industry Betta the Producer continues to hone and improve his skills in a genre thats always changing. The producer who has worked with the likes of Raekwan from WuTang Clan, Mobb Deep and more ultimately become an instrumentalist as well as a writer making him a jack of all trades and a one stop shop for artists worldwide. Artists like Betta the Producer are hard to come by.

Influenced by some of the greats such as Notorious BIG, Tupac, Earth Wind and Fire , KRS One and more. He was able to use his love for music and talent to become diverse in pop , gospel, and more. He even became a great instrumentalist by becoming a master on the piano.

In 2023 Betta looked to step the game up one more notch and drop Love Me feat Vaugn. We love the packaging of. the single, clean graphics with the half heart around Betta the Producer's neck. Making the point of the song clear through the graphics.

The song's initial allure steamed from the allure of the melodic beat, the beat continued to stay on a chill consistent vibe allowing you to enjoy your weekend night. The song gives us a more mature version of regretting loosing a good thing when its gone. Listening to the song it gave me a Moneybag Yo Match My Fly type of feeling. The songs message is pretty clear and has potential to reach many heights make sure you find you a real one to love you, you never know what happens when that person is no longer there.

Follow him through his link tree here

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