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#Rawrrzone Picks - Troy Aka Reezy Beautiful Disaster

The Emcee from Cali mesmerized us after his performance during our Ivy Productions Rockview Entertainment Press Play Media Day. With his West Coast Vibe and a sound reminiscent to E40 and Petey Pablo T-Roy looks to bring back the art off street music to 2022. As a fan of the street music back of the early 2000's this album took us back to some of our favorite vibes. His energy is contagious and its illustrated within the project. The cover art depicts two sides of the project the lighthearted parts as well as the dark.

Each track off the project kept us on our feet dancing our favorites from the project had to be :

I'm Good feat L7 aka Got Em and Raphelle Andrews , his aggressive approach on this track gives us Terror Squad vibes but the meaning is crystal clear no matter what the haters will do they will forever be good.

Charlie Brown feat Top Cat that was the first song we ever heard from the Cali native. He was one of the few that have successfully sampled the Charlie Brown theme song. Bringing a Little Richard vibe while having fun with it. You can hear in the tone of Reezy's voice the enjoyment he put towards this track as well as project.

Take Me Away feat Helen Gill a heartfelt testament , a message to the audience that no matter how hard it is we can get through it together. Taking an example from Ludacris and Mary J giving different scenarios of people struggling and how they need the struggle over. T-Roy pays tribute to those he love and lost in this song.

Stream the Project Below

Follow him everywhere @theofficialtroydpe

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