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#RawrrzonePicks @b3autiful_disaster Mercury

It's getting spicy in the Rawrrzone as ATL's own B3autiful comes to the Rawrrzone with her latest single Mercury Beautiful has gotten our attention drawing mid 2000's RNB / Pop vibe. The premise of the song drawing the sensations of Mercury her aura like a drug wanting more and more. B3autiful's harmonies mesh well with the production hypnotising her audience to follow the imagery of her day dreaming of pleasing Mercury and the things that can happen when they are together. Her delivery reminds us a bit of Teyana Taylor and HER with a splash of pop and a lot of swag.

The song which was a follow up to her singles I Don't Understand and No Control giving us a different side of her. We see a growth of production from No Control to Mercury but we also see how versatile she is in terms of her craft and Since its release on December 9th it has made headway getting love from Florida , New York and surrounding states. The young creative has been on a mission to make sure it is known that she is here to stay and we can't wait to see her go through this journey.

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