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Twitter Implements Feature To Curb 'Mean' Tweet Replies


Twitter announced Wednesday it is adding a new feature that detects "mean" tweet replies. A prompt will pop up asking people to review their response before it's sent. "Want to review this before Tweeting?" the prompt reads.

Once the prompt pops up, Twitter will give users three choices on how to proceed. They can send the tweet as it is, edit it, or delete it.

Twitter began testing the prompts last year and found that 34 percent of people revised their tweets after seeing the prompt. Those same users were 11 percent less likely to send offensive replies going forward.

The new feature is part of a broader effort at Twitter and other social media platforms to curb negative behavior. Examples of bad behavior displayed on social media include anger, jealousy, or harassment. Instagram, the Facebook-owned platform, has also been testing different ways to hide post likes.

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