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TYFYS: The Marine Rapper

Raymond Lott, aka "The Marine Rapper" and "TMR", is a multi-platinum and Billboard charting hip-hop artist. His music is heavily influenced by his service as a US Marine from 2004 to 2014 where he completed two combat tours and one deployment to Africa, earning a combat action ribbon in Iraq.

Although Lott goes by the name, The Marine Rapper, he is refreshingly versatile, showing advanced ability to flow within multiple music genres. He achieved his first Billboard #1 hit single featuring on hip-hop artist Topher's track, "THE PATRIOT", and again In October 2021 when he earned a #6 hit single on Topher's, "Let's GO BRANDON". Then in November of the same year, TMR achieved his third Billboard #7 hit single while featured on hip-hop artist MJ Hank's track, "I LEFT MY HOME".

Since 2017 The Marine Rapper has consistently dropped projects including his 8th and most recent project "Warrior's Anthem" In August 23'. The project is composed of 20 tracks with the bars, flow, and instrumentals that will leave any listener making the "stank onion face" while rethinking why they really maintain the certain social and political views they do.

With no signs of slowing down, TMR started off 2024 with the new explosive single "Brutal". He also took to instagram to share and remember that during the January 6th insurrection, he was there, but he chose to walk away; no matter how frustrating the current state of affairs within America may continue to be.

“"Overseas in two wars. Still I want to do more."” - The Marine Rapper

Visit The Marine Rapper's website and Pre-save "Thank You For Your Service" here.

To listen to "My Country Tis' of Thee" ft. Daniel Johnson and Alexandria Kutcher Click here.

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