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Memphis Rapper NLE Choppa Arrested On Gun, Drug Possession, And Burglary Charges

NLE Choppa
Broward Sheriff's Office

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa was arrested Sunday in South Florida.

NLE Choppa, real name Bryson Potts, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm, possession of marijuana, possession of Xanax, and burglary of an unoccupied structure, according to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

According to the arrest report, the 18-year-old rapper told police he was trying to get a watch from a vehicle in a secured tow yard. The car, which wasn’t in that tow yard, was towed stemming from an unrelated incident.

NLE Choppa was observed on camera jumping the fence of the tow yard with multiple people. After “walking around the entire tow yard,” NLE Choppa and another male left in a silver Ford Expedition. The vehicle was stopped while still in the parking lot of the tow yard.

While exiting the Expedition, officers noticed that the rapper and another passenger were sitting on a Glock 27 with an extended magazine and an AK-47 Draco pistol.

The rapper was being held Monday at the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale on a $4,500 bond.

NLE Choppa‘s “Shotta Flow” peaked on the Billboard charts at number 36 in 2019, and “Walk Em Down” reached number 38 last year. In 2020, he released his full-length debut, Top Shotta, which cracked the Billboard 200 charts, debuting at number 10. In January, he released a mixtape, “From Dark to Light.”

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